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About Lucas

Lucas O'Bryen, a/k/a Newt in high school and Lucas McCain by his theater friends, entered the world in Houston on the anniversaries of the births of his maternal great-grandmother and President Lyndon Baines Johnson. He lived in Mississippi as a child and spent most of his high school years in Evanston, Illinois. He went to college in Ann Arbor and later lived in Chicago, New York and Portland, Oregon.


All his life, Lucas made good use of his creative DNA. When he was a little boy, he played the violin and was in the theater program at a performing arts magnet school. He was a news editor for his high school paper and president of the pun club and editor of his college glee club's alumni newsletter. He sang in choirs, an a capella group and jam sessions and performed stand up comedy at open mic nights. He appeared in operas, musicals and plays and wrote and directed and did lighting; and worked on instructional videos and films and co-created a podcast. He could draw and take pictures. And he made good candy.


Lucas and his mom were very close. He loved and valued his friends and his cat, Lois, and all creatures. He kept vegan for most of his last few years.


Before he left us, Lucas wrote, "'I've had an interesting life. I got to see and do things that most never get to even if they reach three times my age. I've left behind some good work, so I may have a trace of worthwhile influence on a handful of people." 

Bright is the ring of words

When the right man rings them,

Fair the fall of songs

When the singer sings them.

Still they are carolled and said –

On wings they are carried –

After the singer is dead

And the maker is buried.

From Songs of Travel by Robert Louis Stevenson

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