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It rained last night, so I went out to take pictures of anything that
cared to sit still.  My flashlight makes a good replacement for
daylight if I can get it close to the subject.

I'm really starting to like slugs.  They don't run away, they're easy
to find when it's raining, they look cool, and it's not uncommon to
get to sit and watch them eat.  Saw one eating moss, another eating
what looked like a fellow slug that someone stepped on.  Saw a ton of
earthworms, but they tend to dart back into the ground as soon as you
shine a light on them.

I also like slugs for how successful they are.  It doesn't matter how
much of a prejudice anyone or anything harbors against them, they've
been around forever and they're not leaving any time soon.

From a June 2013 email from Lucas

Subject:  Bugs and Slugs

All photos in  the Bugs and Slugs gallery by Lucas, taken in and around Portland, OR, 2013-2015

Photo of little Lucas taken in Jackson, MS in the late '80s

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