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Anyone who knew Lucas for any length of time would say that of all his interests, sports was among the least. He sometimes got caught up in the NBA Finals, like a lot of people. Here are some thoughts he shared in an email after a game early in the Finals the year the Spurs and the Heat were on top.

The Spurs won, and if they win one more game they win it all.  Miami has to win two, but both remaining games are on their home court. Drama!

On the San Antonio side, there's a veteran who's shining for the first time in a while, a young guy who can shoot three-pointers like he's checking the time (and thanks God at the beginning of every on-camera appearance), and a clutch player who moves like a dancer and always looks nervous.

The Miami Heat features a star having a bad night, a talented and stern player who led in Toronto but plays second fiddle in Miami, and the reigning three-point guy who held a record before the younger player from SA broke it (in the middle of the game).


We are grateful to Lucas' friend, Sparkle O. Williams, for making this video available and therefore making it possible to restore to You Tube. Grab a PBJ and settle in.

I have trod the upward and the downward slope;

I have endured and done in days before;

I have longed for all, and bid farewell to hope;

And I have lived and loved, and closed the door.

From Songs of Travel by Robert Louis Stevenson

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